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Green Product LogoIs your product or service environmentally-friendly?  How do we know?  There are many boastful advertisers who make claims well above the facts.  The Council on Green has a honest and transparent process for assessing a Green product.  With the Council on Green verification process, your customers benefit from a third-party recognition of your claims.  Our Green Verified seal can be used as a validation of the real environmental value of your product or service.

If your product or service can pass an straight-forward review process, the Council on Green will issue a Sustainable and Green Product certification.  The use of the seal is limited to the period of time that the product or service stays in compliance with reasonable and industry-specific environmental basics.

In many cases, the sustainable aspects are already in place and our jobs is to verify the product in light of those claims and overt environmental elements that are not difficult to accomplish.  If your product needs a little refinement to make it Green and Sustainable, we will work with your company to integrate the most important ideas for an environmentally-friendly product.

Council on Green does not endorse any product.  The provision of a third-party review is a service rendered requiring a thorough review process.  Products that demonstrate a high level of Green and Sustainable potential and lack of detrimental factors are verified for the accuracy of representations as a Green product.  Our third-party review allows the public to have greater confidence in products making environmentally-friendly claims.